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I'm going to imagine that the Microsoft-Windows-based tool is an imaginary one called "LongJohnSilver" - no connection if there is a real software product of that name (or a, um, specialized film actor) - and that it's slightly possible that the claim of recovered data is not authentic and is originated by the imaginary seller of the imaginary software. And endorsed by the, ahem, actor. It's just something to check.

And, having said that, the technique exists of simply scanning the disk surface for data regions that appear to contain data intended to be a file (not encrypted). So, without repairing the file system, you can get your data back. Even in Windows. Obviously an array of disks may be more challenging to investigate if a file is distributed amongst them. But if the distribution follows a simple pattern, it's not impossible. Or if you have small files that actually don't split across disks.

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