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National Lottery Sentry MBA hacker given nine months in jail after swiping just £5

Scott Pedigo

Might be worth investing £5

for the fun of seeing some hacker get a vacation in the slammer.

I could imagine getting some debit type credit cards, loading them up with £5 each, setting up some e-mail accounts under various usernames, setting up some Amazon or other on-line vendor accounts using those same usernames, and deliberately using the same username / e-mail and password on some other crap websites, and then waiting.

When some skript-kiddie get the credentials from the inevitable breach, he/she can order a maximum of £5 worth of stuff.

Chance of skript-kiddie being identified and getting caught? No idea, so don't know if this would pay off versus just losing the £5 quite often.

But if the chance of getting caught were high, it would be worth the £5 to see them get busted.

Does it count as entrapment if it is not the police doing it?

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