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I suspect that he was hinting at the effects of the law of unintended consequences. I am not sure how accurately it applies in this case.

The current hoo-ha might encourage a few not to get suckered into buying such phones, though if they are low-rent items, I am not sure what value, if any the makers were hoping to extract from their users. While I carry my mobile with me much of the time, mostly in the house, a string of medical visits and very rare shopping trips along with details of some short dog walks are unlikely to set anyone's world on fire. It is a lower cost item, from a known make, now nearly 4 years old. My use of it for the internet or email is somewhere below minimal and close to zero. I find it a too painful an experience. Perhaps I could muzzle the problems with suitable software, but there are easier ways for me to enjoy life than fighting with a mobile.

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