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I might have posted this before, but oh well...

When I started college, the university libraries recently upgraded their Polaris back-end to work with a new web interface.

The first cut was all right and was bathed in the school colors. Two years later, there were tweaks that paled the gold to off-white and darkened the blue to almost. But colors aside, in both cases every search meant you had to scroll the browser screen to see even 8-10 results.

I managed to find some of the pre-Windows DEC terminals (VT100 or compatible) in various spots -- basement, third floor** -- and loved how I didn't have to or scroll, or see those ugly HTML tables, or wait for the browser to load graphics to flip through pages of results keeping my finger on [F]orward.

And green screen was so much easier on the eyes, also.

Later on, when I saved an outdated PS/2 386SX running Win95 (how it managed, I don't know) from the trash, I used Terminal to connect to that same backend as the terminals. Running in a window, I lost the scan lines (even though it had a CRT), but it was still way better than the browser.

(There was a lot of other university stuff connected to Telnet also. Quite useful back then; probably defunct now.)

** The main library had an old half (basement + 5 floors) and a new half (4 floors; not sure about basement). The 3rd floor only existed in half the building, and the 4th floor had stairs from "old 4" down to "new 4", which was more like 3.5 (so "new 2" and "new 4" could be extra-height). I knew of one small staircase in the very middle of the building that gave the best access to everything.

During my tenure, they were constructing an entirely new facility to move over everything and also combine in the Science collections which had been in another building with even WORSE internal layout. I liked the quirks of actually being able to find things, but more convenience won the day.

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