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Yes. Think of it like boats in the sea. The "sea" is spacetime to us. The boats (or anything else, fish, driftwood etc), are atoms and other physical things.

So as a sea gets bigger, the objects in it can start to drift apart (in the spacetime example, it's happening everywhere, not at a spout/tap :P ).

Or think of objects glued to a balloon. Inflate the balloon, and the objects move further apart.

The physical laws are not affected (as far as we know, there might be some changes in dark energy/unknown forces yet to be discovered). Speed of light/weak force/magnetism/etc all keep the same distance affects, and thus in general you only notice things not strong enough to hold themselves together (distance between galaxies or galaxy clusters) to drift apart.

IIRC there is a calculation of the distance difference between us an Andromeda, but I forget it. It was IIRC slower than Andromeda is heading towards us.

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