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'No BS' web host Gandi lives up to half of its motto... Some customer data wiped out in storage server meltdown

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> Nice to see a Gandi employee backing up the company line.

There is always a tinfoil hat wearing retard that's going to come up with an asinine comment like that. It states clearly in my comment that I am a user.

As a matter of fact, a dead smug user right now, because even though my servers were not affected I actually do have a well conceived and regularly practised backup and recovery plan. Which, if one were to judge by the "reporting" and by the comments on this site, you would think it's a patentable novelty.

Even so, the previous comment was meant to be a helpful answer to an in principle legitimate question ("what can I do to minimise the risk of loss?")

The hosting contract (which one is required to accept when buying or renewing) states in § 3.3 that you are responsible to back up your own data. Here's an excerpt, bolded and outlined in the original:

"The backing up of Your content and technical settings shall be Your sole responsibility. You must take all the necessary steps to ensure regular backups and protection of Your Content and all Your data and configurations, as well as their updates, on media outside Gandi."

This is the same as every other hosting provider that I'm aware of, which is why I can't bring myself to have any sympathy for anyone who ventures into the somewhat technical land of shared hosting not being aware of this or just simply counting on their luck.

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