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Google's at risk

We forget that Google's business model is effectively to give away software that has built-in spyware on it. They call it 'analytics', its the data that allows companies that rent your screen space for advertising to make sure they're getting value for money. Because of this there's no real incentive to remove all this crapware -- its the business model. You could say that along with other companies -- Facebook, for example -- they need the customers a lot more than the customers need them.

The current situation where Google is prevented by the US government from allowing its Andriod system to be shipped with new Chinese phones poses a threat to that company. Duplicating the user functionality of Google's software is straightforward and a combination of a clean room development of second generation software (i.e. one learning from design mistakes rather than having to live with them) and an environment that has hard wired analytics due to the prevailance of e-commerce in China has the potential to make Google irrelevant -- or at the very least severely dent its value.

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