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I know I'm going to sound like a grumpy old man

But it bothers me how few people nowadays are trying to build tools to do system administration tasks, but then their eyes gloss over when you mention xargs.

But, also, if you have to use special tools to look at your source code, then either your project is a badly planned flaming pile of shit, or you are trying to just do far too much. I do a lot of kernel development work and I've never had a problem moving around it. And sure, that's largely because I only work in precious few spots, but I don't know of anyone who has the skills to intelligently touch more than a small section anyway, I wouldn't even trust Linus touching a lot of the kernel's code, he's brilliant, but he isn't an expert in everything (And if he is touching a lot of stuff, its going to be stuff that can be automated with doing a find / xargs line and he's smart enough to just mark problems rather than trying to fix them all himself). I've found that people that make sweeping changes across a large project tend to be incompetent idiots that think they know better, but just leave giant messes in their wake.

I am also extremely leery about developers that try and work on a thousand different projects at once. Quality programming involves swapping a lot of state in and out of your mind, which takes time and effort. Time and effort that could normally be used to actually code. That is, unless the code is just so trivial that you can just bash away without thinking...

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