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And in which way does an "interactive", semi-graphical command-line tool help you in writing your scripts, opposed to - say - a true graphical one?

Hands are on keyboard.

It's not that a graphical interface is wrong, it's just that graphical interfaces have a tendency to add a tool bar and demand mouse interaction, which is good because of discoverability, but bad because it's much slower than just pressing keys (muscle memory works with the latter but not the former)... and yeah, you have keyboard shortcuts in GUI apps, but often, they're a bit of an after-thought.

But honestly, just use what you like! Command line things are often not so great if you only use them very occasionally because then the lack of discoverability is very much a negative.

Me, I like command line for certain tasks, such as file-management because they're fast, and I can use them over SSH. Plus, startup time... command line stuff is usually pretty instant. Starting even a light-weight GUI app typically takes at least the best part of a second, which is annoying slow when you're in flow.

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