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Ring Wrote: "Although each of the individuals involved in these incidents was authorized to view video data, the attempted access to that data exceeded what was necessary for their job functions.

Thinking like the corporate wonk that I am, based on the above corporate-speak I'm going to SWAG¹ that Ring monitors the total amount of video data used by each employee as well as the total number of videos they view. Probably while most employees look at a few dozen personal videos per month, these four employees total data exceeded some threshold and reached a point where it could not be kept quiet. The usage must have been open and obvious, possibly exposed in a requested PowerPoint presentation by an upper-manager that requested a security audit - PowerPoint, being a battle axe of corporate warfare, is a great way to expose embarrassing information to reluctant co-workers.

So they fire these employees and then make the firings public to create the image they actually monitor and care.


¹ Silly Wild-Ass Guess

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