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Eggheads have crunched the numbers and the results are in: It's not just your dignity you lose with e-scooters, life and limb are in peril, too

G R Goslin


has all this been put into context? After all there are thousands of other road/pavement users, who similarly get injured, tripping over their own feet, knocking into other pedestrians, being hit by pushchairs, slipping on wet patches, etc, etc. Singling out a single user type in such a study is totally stupid. Comparisons should be made covering the whole traffic flow. In this I mean the pedestrian traffic flow. Taking the thrust of this article, are the drunk any more liable to injury, e-scooting, or staggering home?

Viz-a-viz helmets for scooter riders. pedestrians too have been seriously injured, killed by simple falls while walking on the pavements. Are you, collectively, considering that EVERYONE walking the pavements should be clad in helmets, face guards, elbow and knee protectors, heavy gloves, against the risk that they may trip and fall while walking. I've done it, I once caught my toe on a minor upstanding ridge of concrete in a pathway, and went sprawling, to the detriment of elbow, knee and dignity

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