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Vaguely relevant story.

I was in Prague towards the end of last year, and, after a night at the theatre, was waiting for a tram at Staromestska. A person on a rental e-scooter was doing far too high a speed on the pavement (too dangerous for him to be on the road, obviously), showing off with his swerving around obstacles (i.e. people), when suddenly the scooter stopped dead. Physics took over, and said numpty continued on his journey, sans wheels, arms and legs flailing. Probability indicated that either he was going to intercept a) another person, b) a car, c) a tram and/or d) a piece of street furniture, or, worse yet, cause another person to intercept a), b), c), and/or d). Fortunately, chance forewent all of the above, leaving everyone physically unscathed, but I doubt he has forgotten the derisive cheers from the bystanders at the tram stop!

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