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Office refurbishment...

One place I worked back in late 80/90's we had a small lab, where we handled eproms and processor boards, etc. It was kitted out with antistatic workbenches, etc., as you would expect.

Then the office got a makeover - new carpets, new chairs, etc. The static zaps you could get when touching door handles, etc., were quite impressive at times. After a few weeks of complaints the office fitters were brought back in and another new carpet laid which cleared the problem.

Fortunately the office fitters never re-fitted the lab, so we seemed to be safe, but during that time we had to make sure we touched something earthed when entering the room, before sitting at the bench and attaching wrist straps, particularly if the door was open and we hadn't touched the handle on the way in.

Needless to say the office fitting company were rather bemused by it all and our paranoia.

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