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I had heard of such problems in the past, but less so recently. Then I suspected that it was down to a complex mix of variables involving a bit of better engineering to be more tolerant, changes of dress styles, perhaps through fashions and perhaps even of personal traits. Once some stories started to circulate everything was put down to e.g. clothing or some such, even though in some memorable cases it was down to faulty fixing of flooring. Above or below a certain weight the floor flexed pinching or releasing cables and so on. The chair issue is very much more specific, though once more I do wonder how the conductivity of clothings, the weight of the user and the way in different people move on and off chairs affects the issue. I am very aware that being (a) heavier than I desire to be and a darned sight more awkward due to spinal issues, my 'technique' or lack of same would involve very different moves than someone lighter and more agile who could just spring off.

As a footnote, while doing factory acceptance testing in about 1980, during the first week I only had to look at the equipment to produce a system failure, later as the bugs were removed I had to approach closer to 'apparently achieve' the same effect. In fact, the problems were caused by faulty punched cards used to program the device.

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