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"Would you care to put a number to that claim? I would suggest that in fact a small number of loud and highly motivated people care."

When asked the question "Does 'The GIMP' need a new name?" a January 2018 OMGUbuntu poll resulted in 7,287 votes over 2 weeks - 53.8% - saying yes it should be renamed. And this is a poll of likely the most GIMP-friendly group out there; people who are not only invested in the platform, but interested enough in the program to post and respond to polls on technical forums.

Outside of user groups, it's nigh-on impossible to know how many people have been turned off by the name and will therefore never use the product, but will never be surveyed because the Linux forums don't know they exist. I know I'm one of them.

"The name only has a connotation that some deem offensive in the US. Outside the US, it typically describes sex costumery or an injured limb." My point exactly. Do you consider sex imagery to be an appropriate connotation for a software application that wants to be taken seriously?

The fact that the decision was taken to rename despite considerable resistance from both the dev team and hardcore GIMP users is evidence enough that it was a case of Change or Die. It took me longer to write this post than to find the data; and I honestly can't be bothered to look further. If you're still not convinced, you've already made up your mind and I'd just be wasting more of my time.

"Like I said, most people don't give a shit."

Yeah you said that. You're still wrong though.

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