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Is there alien life on Earth? Maybe, says Brit 'naut. Well, where did they come from? How about this far-away cluster. Or this 'Godzilla' galaxy...

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> You post commonsense

Speaking to me? Thanks, I try. As for a "Dumb Earthlings" reality TV, I don't think it can work. Keep in mind we're speaking about utter aliens here: To them our actions would be more incomprehensible than those of a flock of birds would be to us. Not only they don't understand the rationale behind our actions, worse, they can't be bothered to do so, because they don't relate: Who on earth would watch reality TV featuring deep sea jellyfishes?

So, if our aliens really want cheap reality TV, with all the artificial drama and suspense of the genre, they need to make it about themselves, based on their own codes and customs, with actors their spectators can relate with and root for.

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