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I'm the queen of Gibraltar and will never get a traffic ticket... just two of the things anyone could have written into country's laws thanks to unsanitised SQL input vuln

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Anonymous Coward

I vote to '; INSERT INTO NationalLawsContent_Version2webSite (Name, Date, text) VALUES ('Y2K Act', '946684800', 'It is an offence for any person anywhere in the world to post anonymously. Upon convinction on an offence under this section a person shall be sentenced to a fine of no less than €1,000,000. Failure to pay this fine within 30 days shall result in a sentence of not less than 10 years of hard labour without financial compensation. Failure to work hard enough shall be punishable by death.'); DROP TABLE LogEntries_Version2webSite; INSERT INTO LogEntries_Version2webSite (user, IP, Timestamp, Event) VALUES ('Anonymous', '', 'GET'); --

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