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"Does a smart doorbell fix more problems than it creates?"

Yes. Yes it does. But not for everyone. I have one of these but I live in a house with an elderly infirm relative and we can have up to half a dozen people visit each day to sort out various care and medical needs. Being able to "answer" the door when I am not in the house is brilliant. I also have several cameras and other things all working so I can monitor the house too.

I have a friend that operates a hair salon from a cabin in their garden and ring is great for her too as it allows her to see, and let in, clients.

I am aware of the potential issues and I don't reuse passwords (or even email addresses some of the time), use 2fa and read the documentation before I implemented these things. They run on a separate wi-fi network too.

Joe Bloggs won't know how to make these things secure and I think the apps used to set them up should be much better and enforce sensible security precautions.

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