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Pack your bags! NASA's latest exoplanet hunter satellite finds its first Earth-sized world in a habitable zone – and it's only 100 light years away

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It’s also unknown if TOI 700 d’s tidal locking might negatively impact the chances of its habitability.

It means that the most probable habitable region is going to be somewhere around the terminator*, depending upon the planet's axial tilt. That region will have the most moderated temperature over the course of the 37-day year (although that average temperature will still depend upon how close to the inner or outer edge of the habitable zone the planet lies -- assuming it doesn't have a strongly elliptical orbit). The tidal-locking also suggests that the planet may not still have a spinning core, which means a greater probability of a magnetosphere incapable of shielding against solar flux (although red dwarfs emit fewer and less-energetic particles than does Earth's sun). Definitely lots of questions still left to answer.

*Not that terminator.

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