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As pointed out elsewhere here, their cloud offering violates AWS' intellectual property rights if they're correct in their legal assertions.


Uhm no.

You really need to either talk w an IP lawyer or start to learn the law you think you know.

There is more to this case that what you think you know about copyright law and IP protection.

When the arguments are said and done, it would be remarkable for the conservative courts (Note the little c in 'conservative') not to side w Oracle. The case law is on their side and Google is attempting to play on the heart strings with their amicus brief from Microsoft.

The issue, and sadly so is that whichever side wins, the ruling will be abused by others.

Abused in that it will be misapplied and the only winners will be the lawyers.

Oracle bought Sun because of the Java ME licensing and Java SE licensing.

It would have been cheaper for everyone in the long run if Google had purchased a Java license from Sun.

I suspect that a certain exec from Google didn't want to do just that due to spite.

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