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Reusing software 'interfaces' is fine, Google tells Supreme Court, pleads: Think of the devs

Ian Michael Gumby

@jilocasin Re: There is *no* IP to take advantage of.

I suggest you actually learn some of the facts from the case and from the judgements.

This has been going on for over a decade and you really need to understand the underlying issues and case law

Both Google and Oracle are tossers for sure. That said, the law is actually on Oracle's side.

There is IP to take advantage of and in some of the earlier testimony from a decade ago damns Google.

Down voting myself or others doesn't change that fact. Its not just an issue of copying the published APIs for interoperability w Java but the intent was to replace Java and its JVM so that Google wouldn't have to pay royalties. Google's 'clean room' version wasn't clean and that's what damns them.

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