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Yeah, says Google Project Zero, when you think about it, going public with exploit deets immediately after a patch is emitted isn't such a great idea

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Git Gud

There is a better option, don't create buggy shitty code that you have no idea what it's doing in the first place, too few 'what ifs' are asked in these situations, testing is lacking

Yes programming is hard and complex, but so is brain surgery, yet the harm that can be done by a programmer probably surpasses anything a brain surgeon might achieve through negligence

Unfortunately, in the internet age, sneezing at the screen and declaring it a working program, and then releasing it for public consumption, is all too common

We only have to look at the huge number of patches M$ releases, and even then they never get it right and end up creating yet more bugs, they should just give up and do the world a favour, SAAS is simply one giant rolling turd, attempting to collect some glitter along its journey

The whole development cycle is one giant clusterfuck

I kid you not, I received no less than 3 updates in the space of 1 week, for Outlook on iOS, and it still shits the bed daily

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