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Mint and latest Gimp

I have used Linux Mint for about ten years and found it brilliant. It has grown into a first class OS. It is now on my three desk tops and also my old ASUS K52F lap top. I was on the verge of binning the lap top. The awful Win8 OS and pressure to go to Win10, and the frequent interruptions while working were intolerable. The speed made the machine almost unusable. Cost was another issue with four machines.The lap top is now better than new with new 240 Gb SSD and running Mint Cinnamon. With WINE I can still use Coreldraw, and with addition of some WIN DLLs the excellent WYSIWYG Sitespinner Pro runs perfectly. One, and one only problem is the Asus webcam pic is upside down and so far I can't fix it. Solution is easy - use a cheap external USB webcam. Skype is now good! I have one recent annoyance, it seems to me a change for the sake of change.The latest GIMP display is black and imo awful. I much prefer the more normal previous display. Perhaps I can revert to the old version!

Overall, I cannot see why anyone would want to mess with Windows when Linux Mint is so good. It is stable, economical, fast, updates are simple and under user control, my computer is "mine" still. Softmaker by the German people is a great office suite as well as Open Office and both are compatible to a high degree with MS Office which tries to hang on to it's past monopoly! Some specialist software may dictate Windows is needed but for most users Linux would serve them better. A donation is more than deserved for a great OS. Thank you.

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