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"You know what else has cameras, microphones, & speakers? Pretty much every cellphone produced in the last thirty years. Should the parents be jailed for putting one in the hands of their children?"

Cellphones in 1990 all had cameras? I'm not sure that's entirely accurate.

As for putting them in the hands of children, perhaps you should read the article a little more closely. Some of the children in question were somewhere around 4-5 years old (the oldest is currently 8, with two younger ones also in the same room). I won't say that parents giving a 4 year old child unsupervised access to a smartphone should automatically be locked up, but it sure as hell can't be considered good parenting. In much the same way that putting a hilariously insecure surveillance camera in a young child's bedroom may not be actually illegal, but you have serious issues if you think it's actually a sensible idea.

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