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It has nothing to do with Windows or Intel. Open source software has equal problems and can just as easily be hacked, if it isn't properly configured (E.g. Apache, MongoDB, MySQL, PHP etc.)

It is how you secure your infrastructure and your data that counts, not neccessarily what it runs on. For example, isolating critical systems from the office network and the Internet, ensuring backups work and ensuring that the firewall is set up properly to only let in needed traffic.

It is comfortable for a manager to be able to check on his factory floor equipment from the other side of the world. Whether that is in any way a good idea, let alone good security practice, is another. That kit should be isolated as much as possible and no access or changes possible over the Internet.

But most importantly, user training. It is irrelevant how good your systems are, the human in front of the device is always the weakest link.

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