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Re: Introduction to Linux for Windows refugees

As a fairly recent convert to Linux (Mint), I'm with you on this. The OP mentioned a 'Linux fuck fest' - I know what he means. It certainly *used* to be like that. I remember my first dabble with Linux in the late 90s/early noughties and I was put off by the level of vitriol and downright nastiness on the 'support' forums.

However, it is not like that today. If you check out the Linux Mint forums (for example) you'll find it's a very friendly place.

I generally find that, in the event of a 'problem' (i.e. *me* not knowing how to do something) somebody has already asked the question and a solution has been provided. In these cases, I don't even need to post anything; I can just passively read the information and adopt the solution.

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