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Been using mint as a daily for a little over 3 years

Work station boots way faster than win10 laptop from wake up..

Never had an issue I couldn't solve or find help with, so not sure which galaxy you're in but it seems like it's filled with gas giant's like youranus.

For reference I "nmaped" a phishing email that originated from a law firm in South America.... The certificates traced back to a M.$ azure dev, when I went to report the incident using the M$ report links

they didn't work and there was a few comments asking why you couldn't report phishing emails to M$.. I find this a typical M$ freebie.

I updated to the latest version a few weeks ago...

half an hour later is back in, all my apps and settings all there and working and quadro vidcard drivers updated and I've mentioned before about print drivers and mint...

I can't for life of me understand how so much of the world is / was duped into believing ms was a good product... Not sure I'll ever use ms rubbish again personally.

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