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Re: Introduction to Linux for Windows refugees

It's certainly a significant improvement over Windows 10, though it doesn't really have the maturity that you would expect of something with a version number of 19. Some of the snags include:

1/ The touchpad on my laptop freezes periodically and sometimes is erratic - there are bug reports for this going back years with a long list of changes and reversions that never seem to have resolved the issue.

2/ Applications (like Evolution) seem to lose touch with Gnome Keyring from time to time resulting in constant password prompts.

3/ Mounting Windows (CIFS) shared folders requiring a username and password at login time was far from obvious and required a deep dive into pam_mount.

4/ Application you select with the Software Manager may be packages, snaps or flatpaks, apparently at random, which is at best confusing for Windows exiles.

Generally, however, it seems to work well enough. LibreOffice is mostly good enough (although its mail merge is dreadful). I still keep a Windows 7 VM around for applications I use infrequently, but seem to be more usable than their Linux counterparts (Photoshop & Vegas, for example), but for day-to-day use, Mint is good enough.

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