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Re: Krita or Glimpse might be the answer here

There is, however a new kid on the block - Krita

Krita is not that new, now is it? And, if I remember well, is more of a graphical, illustration kind of application (old timer shouts CorelDraw).

As for the Gimp interface: I think that the community has already reacted there some considerable time ago. Searches will give enough results (and solutions) on "how to make the Gimp GUI look like PhotoShop".

No, as more easy/ lightweight Gimp alternatives, I would sooner think of Pinta (albeit mono and not supported any more for ages) or the really new kid on the block PencilSheep. Tried the last one in VM and looks/ works great, but sadly not in repos/ ppa (yet) and only available as (silly) snap...

And as a side note: Is Mint still the community favourite? I thought that was all MX Linux these days...

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