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James Anderson Silver badge

Could the nice people at Mint ...

Build an ISO that works on the various ASUS devices that were trashed by the latest windows 10 update.

Apparently 32GB is not enough disk space to to run windows 10 and receive updates. If you are lucky you just stop getting updates plus constant "You should update" /"update failed" messages, if you are not the system, including the recovery partition, gets borked.

OK you say just install linux! ...... it turns out that ASUS use a 32bit boot loader to load a 64bit OS for a 64 bit chip. Plus all the UEFI checks.

I know some people have gone through the hoops and posted about five pages worth of instruction on how to get linux working, but, it would be nice

if MINT could produce a nice ISO for these platforms which will otherwise end up in land fill.

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