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"Why not go just go back to windows rather than wasting time trying to "get over the linux experience of trying to get stuff to actually work."..."

How long has it been since you've used Linux? No matter what OS, some people are going to have trouble getting things to work. Have you lived such a charmed life that you've never seen Windows fail to work right and/or totally bork itself after an update? On my work Win10 installation, I have to constantly tell Windows what the default audio device should be, it randomly rearranges items on the taskbar, the desktop, and of course Windows gives you zero relevant live diagnostic or progress info when it's doing anything these days.

"When Linux doesn't work, don't worry, because there is a forum somewhere in this Galaxy that might have the answer on the 156th page of a Linux Troll/Nerd fuck fest of a discussion."

Wow, such hostility. My experience with Linux forums is that in a few tries, I can normally find relevant fixes that actually work, written by knowledgeable people. Compare this to trying to find info when you have a Windows issue: 1000 pages of shady companies touting their useless snake-oil remedies, followed by blogs where fools advise: "Have you scanned for viruses using (insert favorite antimalware product here)?" "Have you tried doing a repair installation of Windows?" (so that you can enjoy reinstalling most of your software, needlessly) Also bicker at each other, and just generally miss the point. At least in a Linux "fuck fest" as you call it, people can find the appropriate hole and end up sated. Unlike many Windows forums where it's like the stud dog that mounts the female dog's face, the railings, the floor, the handler's leg, then spends the rest of the session chasing their tail.

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