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I've deployed 6 NUC's over the last few months for family (3) and my Dad's business (3). The i3 Gen8 model is pretty cheap once you put in 8GB of RAM and a 240GB M.2 SSD. For the family build's I get the taller model, only $4 more expensive, which can also take a 2.5" drive which I set up as a backup target. For the web browsing, email, office tasks they are more than enough. The family don't want laptops and their small size everybody likes compared to the ATX towers they had. Only problem is 4 USB ports isn't enough sometimes but a cheap USB 3 4 port hub gets around that easily enough. I've got an old one that I use with LibreELEC as a HT PC and the integrated IR makes it a great fit for that task.

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