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The other question is if companies will just demand more fingers in the dike or if they'll step back and look at all possible ways the sea could engulf them.

My employer was hit by a likely state-sponsored DoS a couple years back. We did the typical post-attack expansion of capacity. But we also started looking at more non-traditional attacks, just in case that DoS attack was just a distraction. We had been quietly ramping up countermeasures against internal threats from disgruntled employees for years, but after the attack, we really started looking into state-sponsored espionage and sabotage. Stuff that was common practice just a few years ago can now result in immediate termination.

As to my first question, I have a bad feeling that most companies really won't step back unless the attack is devastating financially to them (or an unlucky competitor whose failure is now an example for all) or unless new regulation forces them to do so. And we all know how businesses love new regulations.

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