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Re: I think you'll find the ban covers more than just work phones

When you're in the military, the command you belong to may declare a particular place "off limits". This may be because it's a den of drug dealers (seen), a religious cult (seen), or just some place that the command does not like (have not seen, but they have the perrogative).

Extending this to personal electronics is NOT unprecedented. Enforcement would be up to the individual commands, but believe me, if you're doing something that puts your shipmates in any kind of danger, the others around you will have a LOT to say about it!!!

Example: noobie on a submarine leaves the toilet lid up after peeing in it. He's told by a senior member of the crew to put the damn lid down, because when the boat takes an angle, it'll slam down on the crapper making a loud noise in the water. Or the same kind of thing, NOT shutting the doors properly, or slamming them too hard when you DO shut them. It's not just about not waking people up in berthing, or making an irritating noise, it's about NOT putting noise in the water.

Same things with "apps" on your personal phone. if it's snarfing up data about YOU, it could ALSO be indirectly snarfing data about your crewmates. So yeah, it's a concern. And I think anyone in the military who has a brain would agree with this, and I'm sure they'll share info about 'safe' alternaties to otherwise slurpy "CRapps".

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