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Sounds like your going to run out of competent nurses in UK soon... How about this then: In Finland, unemployed people can be forced to work for their unemployment benefits. OK, you receive benefits, it’s only fair to work a bit for the money you get and your mental health stays better than if you just stayed home every day. Fair, right?

Not so fast. First, you’ll only get 9 € for a day’s work. Doesn’t sound that good anymore. Second, ”unemployed” people have been found working in regular jobs, like in production lines. What happens is that a municipality effectively rents unemployed people to companies for pennies. It starts to look pretty much if not slavery, but at least forced labour.

The hole fucking scheme is an unholy chinera of communism and capitalism. It demeans work, exploits people, falsifies unemployment statistics, distorts competition, sustains unprofitable business and makes companies fat and lazy. Job well done!

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