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Stack Overflow makes peace with ousted moderator, wants to start New Year with 2020 vision on codes of conduct

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Following the sh*tstorm on the CoC and Monica over at the StackExchange Meta site has been very interesting the past months. There literally was no sign that the CoC wasn't complete overkill, unnecessary, confusing, directly contradicting and overall a gigantic waste of time. Every official SE post got downvoted into oblivion, while the commentary was blistering at the best of times.

The treatment of Monica by SE was raised on countless occasions by commenters, but SE officials always insisted that SE had done nothing untoward, that it was Monica who somehow had been at fault for reasons they didn't want to enlighten us on just yet.

One might almost think that SE is run by a bunch of incompetents whose presence is not desired by the SE/SO site users and that with this CoC thing they have signed the death warrant for the Facebook of code plagiarism websites.

Personally, I haven't produced any new comments on StackOverflow for a while now, and with this kerfuffle going down it seems like treating SO as a read-only resource for the foreseeable future seems like the sensible thing to do. Everything I have seen from Monica shows her to be an integer and honest person who'd be an asset to any self-respecting business. Her dismissal and subsequent refusal for reinstatement has tainted SE/SO forever.

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