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Features from version 3 were backported into the later versions of 2 in order to make 2 more forward compatible with 3. Version 2.7 was a sort of half-way house between 2 and 3. That was intended to allow for easier porting of applications.

The main practical issue that people had was with unicode, as 3's fully integrated unicode support turned up a lot of latent user application bugs which had issues with handling unicode. I ran into some of these with version 2, and they could be triggered by something as simple as a local change in the OS the application was running on.

The number one issue driving Python 3's changes was fixing the unicode problems once and for all by making the language and libraries unicode from end to end. There wasn't any way of doing this while preserving perfect backwards compatibility, but now that the nettle has been grasped Python can put that behind them.

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