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Which totally misses the point. No company should be allowed to force ANYONE to use compelled speech - that should actually be illegal.

Compelled speech is literally forcing people to lie, e.g.; saying the king's new clothes are nice - lest your head gets chopped off - when everyone knows full well he's completely naked.

You can't force someone to BECOME nice - you'll just make an hypocrite out of them, which is far, far, worse.

Are we so blind these days that we do not see the HUGE problem and implications of compelled speech?! If this goes on it will eventually become FORCING people to LIE with the full strength of the LAW behind it (Canada's Bill C-16). Do you not understand what this would do to people's minds/perception of reality over time and how it can be used to control them (which I believe is the ultimate goal)?!

Have we all turned into sheep ready for slaughter?!

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