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They need all the mods they can get...

They must be the most over editted and over regulated site around. Apart from their myriad of rules, most of which could be summed up by saying "use common sense", they spend endless hours editing things, especially those that might affect their revenue stream.

Take for instance this post and compare that to the original question and then figure out the resources they need :

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I suffered damages as a result of defamation. The perpetrators harmed my changes of finding employment. They would share information illegally to third parties without my consent even though this was strictly forbidden in that country.

The statute of limitation has expired and they are now gloating about the damage that they caused me. I have only recently come to possess actionable evidence of what they were actually doing to my reputation. For instance, I was let go by them because, strangely enough, I complained about their sending emails around the company bragging how they had gotten rid of someone, and telling everyone something to the effect that so and so was useless. When I applied for some work a few months later on, I was asked by a prospective employer my reasons for leaving, I mentioned that there were a lot of redundancies at that time. He them mentioned specific details to me that were only available to them.

I spoke to a lawyer at that time and was told my changes of success were small, and that they would block discovery. I don't really understand what that means but I think that it means that they would lie and ask me to prove that they actually communicated to a third party.

Six and have years have now passed since this event, and I would like to know if it is still possible to claim damages. Their gloating to others has resulted in information being given me about those events which I believe my chances of success would improve markedly.

Christmas time is especially poignant as the time I made the complaint to them about this exact kind of behaviour was made them.

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