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Notas Badoff

Clumsy there, clumsy here - when thought and understanding are required we all fall down

Please note the reputation on the Dec 23 posting from StackExchange -1446 ! They seem to have failed to "make it all better".

"We believe she did not understand ... and was confused ..." You'd think that a site that specialises in professional answers to how-to questions could get some help with the foot gun.


And, sorry, but I'm still amazed that several several commentators *here* had trouble connecting the dots when

* a well-known moderator for Orthodox Jewish topics

* is off'ed minutes before a multi-day religious observance

* with the cavalier "but we sent her an email" minutes before said off'ing

* and then company protests "but she herself hasn't said anything" for days after scandal unfolds (still during the religious observance)

* and the company is based in New York City (you only need live there a short while before knowing e.g. what an 'eruv' is)

* and the company employs people of various kinds of Judaism (heard of Joel Spolsky ?)

* so they *knew* she would be incommunicado and couldn't defend herself

* and so everything would blow over (they really hoped)

and people here are, like, who cares if she is Jewish? What's that got to do with anything?

So someone getting fired during their surgery? While attending their parent's funeral in another country? Would you miss the import there? Got something to hide? Release the news before a major holiday / blackout period. Like, say, Dec 23 ?

Be part of the world! Be aware of other people's needs! Be less dismissive of other people's situations. Ignorance and crassness still amazes even here.

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