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For about two years before Y2k I had the thankless task of going through every item in the asset list of the BBC World Service to identify those which contained any sort of computer/microcontroller (i.e. quite a lot). I then had to negotiate with the makers thereof to guarantee that there was no date-sensitive code in there - this was studio stuff, the computers were someone else's headache. I don't think I found anything, but there were a couple of HP UX servers that I also got sidelined onto...

Turned out their OS couldn't handle Y2k. The machines couldn't handle the updated OS that *could* do Y2k. And yes, there was an awful lot of date sensitive stuff in them. So muggins here got pressganged into replacing them, as they were considered critical... only discovered a couple of months before the event, only two of them in the country available, and because of that I even had to transport them on different trucks on different days, just in case...

Spent 31/12/99 on the beach in Rio, with three million Cariocas!

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