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£30,000 per hour!! (Again)

(This a re-post from another of the Y2K articles, but it is more apposite here. It is worth hunting out the other posting for the attached Y2KY story.)

In 1999 I was a prod support Solaris admin for a Very Large Bank in a Very Small Country. I was on-call on 1/1/00 (1/1/2000 if you prefer) and scheduled to go in to the office for a few hours early in the morning.

I took a phone call at about 02:00 that said things were running very slowly and not to go in at the scheduled time as my bit was going to be late. When I did arrive I found that the pace had picked up and someone else had performed my single task. Everything completed correctly and the world's banking system remained safe.

My (entirely idle) shift was at triple time, which was nice, but the fact that the enhanced call-out fee for spending a few seconds on the phone equated to £30,000/hour is what I usually tell people about that day.

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