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They should, in Scotland they copy it, put a slice of rubbish sausage (it's like a typical greasy spoon sausage but lower resolution and with a lower polygon count) on the side and call it a Scottish Breakfast.

We need a regional protection on the English Breakfast.

Sausage (Lincolnshire, rare breed pork)

Eggs (Two, fried)

Bacon (Two rashers, smoked, crispy, back bacon)

Tomato (grilled, pinch of salt)

Toast (two slices, thick sliced, fucked, black, tons of butter)

Fried Bread (made with bread as white as caspers taint)

Black Pudding (Bury, poached, split open with mustard)

Mushrooms (loads of them, fried in the bacon fat).

Sauce (brown, HP, tons of it).

Pot of tea (Yorkshire Gold, strong, infinite sugars, dash of milk, as dark as a Tory health policy).

Full English. Best served in a cafe in an area you've never been to by someone that automatically hates you for no reason) just off an A road in the middle of nowhere at 5am.

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