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Actually THE best way to cook sprouts is to hot, hot, hot stir fry them. You need a smoking hot wok and tailed and halved sprouts, fry until well browned even slightly charred. I like to add a sprinkling of a resinous dried herb such as thyme or rosemary YMMV. Takes less than 5 minutes and they go all nutty, seriously, nutty sprouts. But your wok has to be HOT and no underdoing them.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m a Scot living in Scotland so deep frying in bacon fat is in my dna but sprouts need the Eastern touch.

Mrs Muscleguy used to warm them through like that with chestnuts at Xmas. But she never did them hot enough or realise that vacuum packed chestnuts just need heating through so add them at the end or they dry out. Anyway I did them properly one year and the result was very much better.

I buy sprouts at times other than xmas just to stir fry them. When you get them home packed in plastic though take them out and put them in those string bags Sainsbury’s sell for 30p in the veg section. Stuff lasts longer than in plastic and slightly dried veg is better than slimy and rotten veg.

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