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it wasn't just Virgin...

It was a lot more than just VirginMedia... I have a multi-WAN router with 500Mbps Virginmedia, and two backups: BT Openreach and a Vodafone 4G dongle.... all three were down... even the dongle would connec to LTE, but be unable to transfer data... then reconnect with such a low signal, I could ping IP addresses, but nothing more. Both the voice lines linked to the cabled solutions were also down, so the only comms we had was Vodafone (voice and SMS only) - I resorted to putting a SIM card in a tablet and taped it to an upstairs window - I was able to get ~200kbps on a 4G link, presumably from a fairly distant, overloaded mast... #firstworldproblems

Various neighbours on BT fibre and VM were all impacted - the only people unaffected were a retired couple around the corner on Talk-Talk!

It's worth noting that it NOT ENTIRELY FIXED YET - after 8 days, I have a working BT phone line, but still no DSL.... and then working Virginmedia broadband, but no VM phoneline... presumably they're not keen for me to talk to them....

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