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We have heard the tales on here about "multiple points of entry" that ultimately come from the same duct.

Yup. I blame sales. And language. A lot comes down to vague definitions of diversity, resilience and separarion. Openreach is usually good at that as they have defined services, ie route seperation from memory ensures at least 2m between routes. Theory being a backhoe won't take out both routes.

In practice, it's more complex to design strict separation and often requires additional civils.. Sometimes a few km of new construction.. Which isn't cheap. Some services pretty much can't provide it, ie xDSL via 2 ISPs that use the same LLU copper from Openreach.

This outage sounds unfortunate, but reasonable. So locate the cut, send out the field team who discover the gas leak. So their work is stopped until the job site is declared safe. That's something that goes with the territory, and I've had field guys stopped due to discovering suprises like buried fuel tanks, unexploded bombs, gas leaks etc etc.

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