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Say GDP-aaaR: UK's Information Commissioner pours £275k fine into London pharmacy's teaspoon

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1 according to our legal and accounting people, the cost would not be peanuts, and it would be on-going, as it would apply _every time we added a new EU-based client. It would be additional expenses. We could just pass the cost to the customers by raising prices. We see no reason to have a two tier pricing system, one price for the EU and one price for everyone else. And I believe the raising prices to cover GDPR is a no-no anyway.

2 the definition of ‘other kind of data’ is critical. If, in our opinion, we need certain data, but in the EU’s opinion we don’t, there will be an expensive problem.

3 we really don’t care for that 4% of the gross penalty.

4 you have to delete data on demand, even if the reason is stupid or there is no reason. We have data for a reason and no, we are not leaving holes in our databases because some idiot has a hissy fit.

Simple solution: do no business in the EU.

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