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Say GDP-aaaR: UK's Information Commissioner pours £275k fine into London pharmacy's teaspoon

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And if the company in question never sends anyone on business trips to Europe, or doesn’t have any presence in Europe, and ships their assets in ways which do not enter Europe? This attitude is precisely why the place I work has simply geoblocked IPs from the EU. We have told our (very few) customers in the EU goodbye and have stated on our ToS that we do not offer service to the EU. The only data still present on EU residents is in our backups, and as those age out (for tax reasons we must keep some records for seven years) that data will be removed. At least two potential customers have attempted to use VPNs to get past our geoblocking; we terminated the (fraudulent) contracts when we discovered them. We do not want to hold any PI on EU residents. We don’t want your business. Find someone in the EU to do what we do, there must be someone, and if you have a problem, that’s _your_ problem, not ours. We are not in advertising, we don’t give a damn about tracking beyond getting our services to the correct address and we are simply unwilling to comply with any right to be forgotten which might conflict with keeping data for taxes. Once past the IRS’ requirements, that data will be gone, but not one millisecond before. If this upsets someone, how sad, too bad, come over here and do something about it. We have zero assets of any kind in the EU, as of this nonsense we stopped going to conferences and such in the EU, our clients in Africa and the Middle East can be served without anything entering EU territory or airspace.

I, personally, have not been in the EU since the late 1970s. I no longer have very many close relatives in the EU, and, frankly, have little interest in EU tourism, especially as some bright lad might try to enforce EU bullshit on me personally.

Let the downvotes begin.

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