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> So this is the year of Linux on the desktop then?

I'm not stating don't worry lol.

However, I have booted windows only a few times in 2019, mostly to keep it updated.

I never seem to need to leave my Debian desktop. Mostly everything I or anyone really needs to do can be done with Libre Office, Firefox / Chromium, Thunderbird (or use webmail).

Those that have more specific requirements of their computer, such as 3D design, music making, video editing will be the ones who will be considering the options and chosing something like windows / mac based on that. Most "general" users will hardly notice much difference between Windows/mac/linux as so much is web based and HTML 5 is the way.

Flash? I haven't seen a flash site in years, although I know they still exist. However anyone that has used an ipad in the last 10 years for web browsing didn't care for flash either.

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