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"Greta" malware

The Emotet malware is doing the rounds again, this time by exploiting the popularity of climate activist Greta Thunberg.

I thought GRETA *WAS* MALWARE!! Except, in HER case, the "fleshy" kind.

Given Thunberg's DOOMberg's popularity with youngsters who will have to deal with adverse climate change

NO, they will *NOT*. So-called man-made "Climate Change" is *NOT* a foregone conclusion! OT to discuss why, So I'll erase what I wrote.

Seriously, though, I "feel no pain" for anyone who downloads "the Greta malware". Serves y'all right, heh heh heh.

The best 'Greta' comic/parody/snark I've seen so far shows Mother Nature giving Greta a spanking and saying things like "It's called WEATHER" and "CO2 is good for plants". Meanwhile, while getting spanked, Greta's screaming out "HOW DARE YOU". Perfect!

(Greta is an example of what happens when children try to take on the adults, and too many people LET THEM or even ENABLE THEM. It's the job of the ADULTS to SPANK THEM when they try!!! 'Lord of the Flies' is a good example of that taken to its extreme. Children need PARENTS who say NO. And once a "child" goes in front of the UN, Congress, and the world, and ends up on magazine covers, for DOING that kind of CRAP, the gloves come OFF)

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